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Edit Assignment – Your Questions Answered

Edit Assignment’s attention to service and detail has made us an industry leader. We offer assistance in all areas of academic proofreading and editing services. We provide proofreading services for students in all areas of academia and also provide editing services for dissertations, essays; reports job applications and business documents. We have an eye for details, and therefore promise to deliver a perfect paper, free of grammatical errors and unnecessary flaws.

What services do you offer?

We offer two services. These are editing and proofreading services. There is a difference between our editing and proofreading services.

Our Editing services consist of reading and correcting your entire draft to ensure that it flows well and meet the criteria of your guideline. This guideline can either be an academic guide or a job specification. An editor can delete an entire sentence and restructure it so that it makes sense. Our editors will also make suggestions if they notice that you have not written according to the guideline. You will rewrite and then return the paper to the editor to complete the editing process on your behalf. When an editor finishes his job, your document should read better than how you have initially given it to us.

Our proofreading services on the other hand, consist of checking for grammatical errors, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling errors within your paper. Proofreading is the final stage of ensuring that you have a neatly written document. This service is less robust than the editing service.

Therefore, you can select either one of the above services when placing your order.

Who will edit and proofread my document?

Your documents will be edited and proofread by our selected qualified, subject specialists. We have carefully recruited our editors based on their language skills and proficiency, their academic background and their abilities to understand a specific subject. All of our editors are Masters and or PhD qualified, and are fluent and native speakers of the English language.

I'd like to try your services. Do you offer a free sample?

Please review our samples by clicking the Sample Tab

What types of documents do your editors work on?

Our editors work on academic papers such as essays, reports, dissertations, literature reviews, case studies and any other academic piece of writing. They also edit and proofread job applications and business documents.

Will you do the referencing for my academic document?

You need to give us a list of your references and our editors will edit those references to ensure that they are in the correct format requested by your university. However, this will only be done once it is included within the word count that you have ordered.

Will you write the document for me? Will you perform research and add content?

We will not write the document for you, as ‘writing’ is a totally different service. We will however advise you if your document needs drastic improvement before an editor can proceed.

Will you rewrite or paraphrase my document?

We will paraphrase sections of your document during the editing process in order to improve its readability.

Does my university allow students to use your service?

Yes, your university cannot object to you seeking an editing or proofreading service. Our services are totally legal and moral.

One of the edited documents has red text, comment balloons and highlights. What are those marks and how do I remove them?

We will give you two documents. Once of the documents will show you where the editor or proofreader has seen errors on your paper. These red text and comments are only there to show you where corrections were made and what corrections have been done. You will have this file for your information only. However, the second document will be a clean version, which you will use to submit to your university, job search or business purposes.

How does this service work?

You need to go to our order form and follow the process. Once you place your order, we will process it and return your documents to you within your selected deadline.

You will also have the opportunity to communicate directly with your editor during the process via the dashboard.

How will you return my edited document?

Your edited document will be returned to you through the dashboard. You will receive an email notifying you when your document is completed and ready for you to download. You will log into the website and download your completed document.

What kinds of file formats do you accept?

We accept Microsoft word, PowerPoint and pdf files.

How do I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, you need to write us within 2 hours of making the payment to notify us that you would no longer like to proceed.

I uploaded the wrong document! How can I replace it with the right one?

Write Admin and ask for that specific file to be deleted. Admin will do that for you.

How quickly will I get my edited and proofread document?

You will receive an edited or proofread paper within the deadline indicated when ordering the service.

What days of the week are your services available? Do you work on weekends?

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How much will your service cost me?

Please go to our Prices page. The cost is dependent on the service required and word count.

How do I make the payment?

You will be given our bank details to make a BACS payment to the bank account.

How do I use my Discount Code?

You just need to copy and paste the code into the order form when placing the order.

Will my documents be kept confidential and secure?

Absolutely! This is a confidential service and we therefore take pride in what we do. Your paper is your property and will not be used by us or anyone else for any other purpose than editing and proofreading.

How do I know my payment and transaction details are secure?

This is the safest option available. You can either make the payment by telephone banking, online banking or direct deposit into the given bank account. Your bank should have a secure method of handling this service.

If I am not satisfied with your service, how can I request a revision for my order?

Our job is to ensure that you are always satisfied with our service. Please read our Revision Policy


What our Customer’s Say

The Edit Assignment Team offers the best support and Editing / proofreading I’ve experienced, with a response time almost immediate and always ready to tackle the last minute assignments!

Sometimes you can have certain issues looking for those services online, but we found Edit Assignment reliable, trustworthy and deliver always on time or even before! I’m very happy with their services and I will definitely be using them again in the future!



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